Monday, November 28, 2016

Top Weird and Creepy Serial Killers Of All Time!

What exactly is a serial killer? It can be defined as a person who murders more than several people, 

in two or more separate occasions over a period of time, for psychological or many other reasons. It 

must take a really weird and creepy person to be one. Some times some of the least expected 

persons you might know can actually be one. Serial killers can murder victims in a short period of 

time or they spread them out in several years or decades even. This video shows serial killers and 

their crimes. Only 15 of worst have been selected. You'll be amazed on the cruelty and despicable 

acts some humans are capable off.  Crazy people are everywhere so always be careful on who you 

befriend and what alley ways you go through, you never know who lurks and hides. Always trust but 

not to much or it can end up costing your life. Don't even trust your own shadow, it also leaves you in  
the moment of darkness.

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