Friday, December 2, 2016

The Creepy, Weird, and Downright Crazy Story of the Winchester House!

The Creepy, Weird, and Downright Crazy Story of the Winchester House A Summary of the weird

and almost creepy facts of the Winchester House The wild story of the supposedly haunted

Winchester house has been roaming the internet for a while, but after Buzzfeed, a widely watched

group of channels on Youtube, covered the story of it on a series called Unsolved, many were

intrigued, including myself. So, this article is a summary of all the weird facts and stories surrounding

the almost ominous Winchester house. Sarah Winchester was married to William Winchester. They

ran Winchester Rifles, which carried the slogan of The Gun that Conquered the West. They lived a

happy life, even had a daughter, before the little girl died of illness. Sarah fell into a depression,

barely before William died of tuberculosis. Sarah, now depressed and alone, moved to the place

where the impressive Winchester House now stands; San Jose, California. This was due to advice

from a medium in Boston, who told the widow that she was being haunted by the spirits of those

killed by the companies rifles. She was told that moving out west would help appease them. As well,

a change of scenery probably wouldn't hurt her. Whatever the reason, Sarah Winchester moved west

and built the house. Having inherited so much money, she was able to pay for these costly builds she

began. Over her time, it is estimated that around 500-600 rooms were built in this house, now only

about 160 remain. It isn't just the sheer size of the project that prompts so much curiosity though, it's

how it was built. Staircases that lead nowhere, walls that were actually doors, doors that when opened

revealed a terrifying drop. But why exactly was this house built in this way? Some say that Sarah was

just insane, driven mad by the death that seemed to have taken a liking to her family. But others say it

was the spirits. They told her what to build to please them. Some say she would just show up one

morning to build and have a fully formed plan in her mind that she hadn't had previously. They say

that she was talking to the spirits, and they wanted her to keep building. She was building the house

up until the day she died, when they say that all construction ceased. Others say that the ghost stories

were fake, made up by tour guides trying to drum up business. 2 Now, the house stands at only three

stories, and has around 160 room with some areas still being explored. They say that it is the work of

a woman driven mad with the spirits of those murdered by the rifles her family was built on

commanding her to build until she too died. Of course, these are all stories, aren't they?

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