Wednesday, October 9, 2019

10 Weird Facts About The Body

 Ever wondered about the power of our brains, or why our bones break like they do? Well, here are ten weird and almost bizarre facts about the body!

1. Our stomach acid can dissolve razor blades The strength of our stomach acid can actually dissolve razor blades. Then, how on earth can one's stomach actually survive? If the acid is so powerful, how does it not dissolve itself? The answer is in how the cells work. Our stomach cells actually regenerate themselves every three-four days! 

2. You can't tickle yourself You cannot tickle yourself like someone else can. This is said to be because you know exactly when the tickles are going to happen. 

3. Humans have their own 'toungeprints' Just like fingerprints, humans are said to have their own toungeprints that are unique to each person. 

4. Our intestines are 7 meters long If someone were to take their intestine and stretch it out all the way, it would be around 6 meters long! 

5. Is there a such thing as old people smell? There is! There are general smells for old people, but there is also adult smell, teenager smell and child smell. 

6. What are stomach gurgles? Our stomach actually gurgles because of all the chemicals and acids inside not working on digesting anything, which is why it happens and we associate it with hunger. 

7. Sweat smell fact! Everyone has their own sweat smell. It can be generalized to groups, but there are little differences for everyone. Except twins. They share similar smells. 2 

8. Nose smarts! The human nose can actually remember up to 50,000 different scents on average-maybe that's why no one else can remember the childhood scents you did. 

9. The brain doesn’t feel pain Although the brain can be damaged and sends out all the signals to perceive pain, it doesn't actually feel pain itself! 

10. Facial workout More muscles are required to frown than to smile! Scientist can't agree on exact numbers, but maybe all the annoyed people you see are just working out.

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